Project development

diseño eletcrónico

Design of electronic and telecommunications equipment

Manufacture of equipment with European regulations

digitilized world and IT consulting

Customer service tailored to everyone's needs

software development using a laptop

Design and implementation of software platforms for telematics

electronic prototyping

Functional level development

Starting from your conceptual idea, we are able to develop a functional prototype that meets your initial requirements.

Operational level development

Based on a functional prototype, we can design, develop and manufacture your enclosures, both in metal and ABS, and add the necessary standardized elements to make it a fully operational product.

homologation on a paper

Development at commercial level

Adaptation of the operational product to the regulations and requirements of each country for its correct commercialization. Spanish, European, US and other regions regulations.

Joint Business Development

Great options for collaboration in development and joint commercial exploitation.

Our quality principles


We have an experience in the sector of more than 20 years.


Widely compatible communication system.​

Made in Spain

Both the development and the design and manufacturing are carried out in Spain.


Constantly updated web platform.​

Fulfilled projects

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About us

Our focus

After more than 20 years working in the development of technological projects, we have created FOCUSMETRICA, in order to apply all the knowledge acquired in the implementation of new products based on Electronic technology for current Telecommunications and complementary software development.
Tell us your idea and we will translate it into reality, in a final product both for your own industrial use and for its commercialization.
Use the available resources, we are a group of Doctors and Engineers in the fields of Computer Science, Industrial, Electronics and Telecommunications with extensive experience in the development of new products.
We look forward to meeting you soon and turning your idea into a real product!


    You can also contact us at +34 688 967 997